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About Us

The idea of TrendyEquine began back in January 2017 when we noticed that there were very few online retailers that really did premium equestrian fashion any justice, and even fewer focused solely on the high-end and boutique brands that we had grown to love.

We had seen a shift in recent years, where riders were investing more into how they looked, both whilst they were riding, and when they were at the yard; and social media began to explode with people who started to wear these premium brands socially too. However, easily finding this fashion and these trends became the catalyst for

We wanted to bring these vibrant new looks that were not readily available at your average ‘one-stop’ equestrian stores or saddleries, to riders alike.

We intend to provide the latest fashion and the products that the top riders and horses are modelling. We have a mission statement, and that is to provide equestrian fashion to each individual and their beloved 4-legged friends and be able to find the size, colour and design that is right for them.

TrendyEquine is not just aimed at the fashionable rider; it is an institution that wants to bring the latest designs from the trendiest designers around the world to the forefront of fashion, both on and off yard. As a rider myself, I have carefully chosen these premium brands that I myself use and trust.

It's all about confidence and with TRENDYEQUINE.COM as your personal tailor, you and your horse will be envy of all your riding friends.