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The Foundation Of Fashion - Baselayers

The Foundation Of Fashion - Base Layers

As the summer ends, and the colder months descend upon us, there’s one item of clothing that’s an absolute must-have for any rider that doesn’t want to freeze to death…. the base layer!

Traditionally, base layers have been plain and (mostly) black since they were often covered up with warm and chunky outer layers, but in recent times they have become an integral and beautiful addition for riders that insist on looking fantastic throughout the seasons.

Kastel produce some of the most desirable base layers on the market

Providing the correct foundation is paramount for any rider to ensure they are prepared to tackle the elements. The first vital layer – the base layer – gives you flexibility and protection to maintain your body’s ideal temperature and helps you reach maximum performance. Some brands such as Kastel, Kingsland and HV Polo have invested heavily into garment technology, sourcing technical fabrics which both warm and cool depending on the environment.

Stylist Advice

At TrendyEquine, we’re constantly looking for new and exciting ways that riders can express themselves through fashion, and now the heat wave has passed we can’t wait to start adding layers and embracing crisp mornings and (hopefully) still some warm afternoons. 

Base layers are a wardrobe must-have and can suit all shapes and sizes. With our Kastel tops for example, they come up true to size and are light and stretchy. If you want a close fitted top, then we recommend sticking with your usual size. If you prefer a looser fit then we recommend you go up a size. 

Most base layers feature technical fabrics

We only buy base layers in a technical fabric as it’s the way forward for practical riding and yard chores. We are all familiar with those chilly autumnal mornings, where you are feeling the cold when you first arrive at the yard. Give it twenty minutes and you find yourself stripping off your first layer as you begin to warm up. Often the afternoons can be warm and sunny and you need a light weight top to keep you cool. 

This is where fashion meets function. The technical fabrics allow for a light weight, breathable and non-restrictive layer; one that will sit close to your skin and keep you warm when it’s cold, or allow your skin to breathe as you warm up. 

You could even wear them to the gym, or team with a pair of jeans for a casual look. Their versatility is endless and they come in a range of different styles, so there’s one to suit all tastes. 

Do you agree? I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love a base layer! 

Kelly Xx

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