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PS of Sweden SS20 Collection - Part I

PS of Sweden Monograme Collection - Spring Summer 2020 Drop 1

If you're a seasoned 'PS of Sweden-er' then you'll likely already know how amazing the Monogram collections are, and just want to take a glimpse of the new colours (we don't blame you, and you won't be disappointed). If you're a PS of Sweden newbie, then it's probably worth us giving you the lowdown. 

PS of Sweden is a Swedish brand (yup, surprising eh?) that's traditionally been known for producing some of the best anatomical bridles on the market, but over the last 3 years, they've ventured into horse wear (and more recently, into rider wear too), and it's safe to say that they've absolutely nailed it. 

The monogram collection is a seasonal assortment of the finest, most luxurious and colourful saddlepads, bandages and fly veils that you can get your hands and hoofs on. It's built to last with super durable materials, and it's packed with technology such as quick-drying, antifungal and breathable materials too. It's a beautiful fusion of function and fashion, and they have just dropped 3 new drool-worthy colours. 


I'll be honest, I fell in love with the walnut colour as soon as I first got a glimpse of the pre-release photos (it's one of the perks of the job) and wasn't disappointed when we took delivery at TrendyHQ. The muted, earthy tones are subtle and classy and it's a real head-turner.

PS of Sweden Monogram Collection in Walnut

I've dressed Pd up in this pad and the matching brushing boots and it just looks great. I know that when the summer (finally) arrives, this will be my go-to outfit.

Shop the walnut collection here


For the most part, grey is associated with dullness (you know, a bit like the British weather, which is ALWAYS grey and dull), but somehow PS of Sweden manage to make it chic and smart... enter charcoal. It'll look great on any colour horse, but I think on a bay or a chestnut is when this pad really packs the most punch. 

PS of Sweden Monogram Collection in Charcoal

Despite being soft in colour, the shiny fabric disperses sunlight in every which way, making this saddlepad seemingly come to life on a bright morning when black and purple undertones make an appearance. It's an instant classic that will make a statement all year round. 

Shop the charcoal collection here


Now it wouldn't be a spring/summer collection without something green, and this season's incarnation is sage. PS of Sweden has a habit of including beautiful greens into the equation (think Lichen Green and Emerald) but this sage tone is a bit more muted than usual, which isn't a bad thing.

PS of Sweden Monogram Collection in Sage

It's a pale, pastel colour which sits harmoniously next to the light edging and shimmering binding. It looks as fresh as a spring morning and looks stunning when paired with the matching bandages or boots. If you haven't already got something green for your horse, then what are you waiting for?

Shop the sage collection here

So there you have it; 3 gorgeous reasons to freshen up your horse's seasonal wardrobe this spring. With pads, boots, bandages and fly veils that match, the 'matchy matchy' possibilities are endless.

Kelly x

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