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PS of Sweden SS19 - Horse Wear

PS of Sweden SS19 Monogram Collection

One of my favourite releases each season comes from those creative masterminds over at PS of Sweden, and let me tell you...their Spring Summer 2019 collection has not disappointed! Building on their ever-popular range of Monogram saddlepads - and matching bandages, of course - their palette of perfect pastels will have you covered for the coming months.

But before I dive into the new colours that we've just taken delivery of over at Trendy Equine HQ, I want to share with you some of the reasons why I love this brand:

Quality: PS really do believe that it's the small things that matter, and this is so apparent in the quality of their products. Their ever-popular range of Monogram pads are anatomically shaped to avoid rubbing and friction, dirt repellent, breathable, and are even made from antifungal material. You can be sure that your horse will stay comfortable during that sweaty schooling session, while looking like a total superstar!

Design: Colours aside - they're coming, I promise! - every quilted Monogram pad features the iconic PS crown stitching and stylish brushed silver badge, really setting them apart from other pads on the market. The SS19 range features double piping, with a single strand in beige and another of twisted silver and white...they just look so luxurious and have me swooning!

A close up of the gorgeous detailing on the PS of Sweden Monogram collection

Durability: Ok, so I know they're not the cheapest pads on the market, but I promise that you really do get what you pay for! When you're out riding in all elements - and trust me, they have been tested as I'm no fair-weather rider - you soon realise that their durability is second-to-none. With their quick-drying abilities, I really consider them a worthwhile investment. This may be why my boy, PD currently has 5!

So now...the SS19 colours!

For SS19, they’ve introduced four new hues inspired by nature.


My favourite of the four, this floral pad is inspired by beautiful cherry blossoms and just oozes class. It's certainly a much more grown-up offering than their previous take on pale pink. Personally, I really think that this would look fantastic on a grey!

PS of Sweden Monogram Saddlepad and Bandages in Rose 


A tribute to refreshing winds, Citadel certainly has me thinking of blue cloudless skies! This versatile colour will look good on mares, geldings and stallions alike. If I had to pick, I'd love to see this on a chestnut.

PS of Sweden Monogram Saddlepad and Bandages in Citadel


Just the name conjures up the smell of grassy summer meadows, and it's so different from the jewel tones that we've previously seen. I'll admit, this colour was a strong contender for my top spot, as I've been wanting to see more green in horsewear for a while now - thanks for making it happen, PS! This seasonal staple will see you through SS19 and well beyond! My recommendation...I can't decide! I'm going to need to see some customer snaps to make my mind up!

PS of Sweden Monogram Saddlepad and Bandages in Seagrass

and finally...

Minimal Grey

This shade is based on those foggy mornings that we're all far too familiar with over in the UK. If pushed, I'd call this shade mauve over grey, but it's a dynamic twist on an age-old favourite and again, this will work for everyone.

PS of Sweden Monogram Saddlepad and Bandages in Minimal Grey

PS' SS19 range is completed by an all-white saddlepad which is perfect for competitions, but we’ll save that for another day.

So that's my round-up, but importantly, what do you think? Which are your favourites and what colour horse will you be treating to one of these beauties? I can't wait to find out!

Keep an eye on our social media pages as me and our TrendyEquine stylists will be putting some looks together in the coming weeks based on this drop.

Kelly Xx

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