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PS of Sweden AW18 - Horse Wear

The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection from PS of Sweden

The Spring/Summer 18 horsewear collection from PS of Sweden was hugely successful for the Swedish super brand and went some way in cementing themselves as one of the most luxurious and desirable premium brands on the market. The collection consisted of colours that perfectly complimented the (mostly) glorious British summertime, with pale pink and taupe, vibrant blues and a classy champagne palette.

The fabulous Autumn/Winter collection feels much warmer this time around, but they still look every bit as classy. Although some of the colours feel quite dark in low light, once your horse steps into the autumn sunshine, a festival of beautiful colours spring to life, largely down to the shiny premium material that they have opted for.

PS of Sweden monogram saddlepad in deep sapphire

We definitely get the sense that some of these colour choices were made over a couple of alcoholic drinks in the PS boardroom, with Merlot and Prosecco taking centre stage in the line-up. The Merlot pad screams elegance with shimmers of deep and warm reds that are certain to stand out on any colour horse. Prosecco is often seen as the cheaper alternative to champagne, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth here. Whilst similar in colour to last season’s champagne pad, it’s edged with a gorgeous brown binding which really finishes it off (and is presumably meant to resemble a cork).

The Ice Coffee set is a firm favourite at Trendy HQ and is a perfect mixture of coffee and cream. If it’s a sophisticated look that you’re going for, then look no further. The Emerald set will make your friends green with envy. The colour is very warm and at first, seems quite dark, but it sparkles like the Emerald City at the end of the yellow brick road in the right light.

PS of Sweden monogram saddlepad in merlot

The range is completed with Onyx (an elegant black colour) which satisfies those looking for something more traditional, and Deep Sapphire which emits flashes of deep purples for those wanting to really make a statement. It’s fair to say, they really have covered all bases with this collection and there’s a colour to cater for any horse.

If you’re not already salivating, then it’s worth noting that all the pads are made from dirt-repellent, breathable, quick-drying and anti-fungal material too, so you’ll be looking amazing for longer.

Kelly Xx

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