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My Equestrian Bucket List

My Equestrian Bucket List | TrendyEquine

As we head into a “new normal”, shows and clinics are starting to appear, livery yards have opened up and people are riding more. After a long winter keeping the horses fit and well ready for spring, it was all put on hold. Now we can start making plans again it made me think about what I want to do, and what’s on my Equestrian Bucket List.

With my pony, PD, I feel as though we have done everything I wanted to achieve. We’ve done sponsored rides, show jumping (all be it very small jumps!) cross country, showing, and I even managed to ride some affiliated dressage tests. We’ve had hours upon hours of fantastic lessons and clinics, and after 13 years he owes me nothing. I am so lucky I still get to enjoy him every day. He has given me the confidence to want to continue my learning, and I think my bucket list is ever-evolving. But as it stands it includes;

• A new horse. I’ve been waiting to get this horse for a very long time, but the circumstances have to be right, and I am hoping that day is edging closer! As Pd is now 24 I want something I can continue to learn on and develop my skills as a rider and establish a new partnership.

• Competing at BD. I won’t stick my neck out yet and say to which level, but I am looking forward to getting all dressed up and riding down that center line again one day.

• Developing my riding and training through the levels. I want to feel competent at riding more technical movements such as the half pass and changes.

• Riding around the grounds of Windsor. I’ve seen riding holidays where you can stay in nice accommodation, and take your horse for hacks around Windsor. With the castle as the backdrop it looks amazing and is somewhere I intend on going one day with some friends.

• Taking my daughter for riding lessons. Not strictly about me, but I think she is going to love horses and being able to take her for lessons will be a very memorable experience.

• Attending regular training sessions away from home. I love a horsey trip and going away training is something I love to do. It’s something I hope to do regularly when I get my new horse.

• Have a lesson on a schoolmaster. I’d love to ride and advanced schoolmaster that could show me the ropes. I think everyone should have this opportunity!

• See the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. I would love to see this in the flesh, as it looks spectacular and would be an amazing trip!

    So there we have it. My current bucket list. I look forward to ticking them off and adding new ones! I will keep you all posted as I work towards and achieve them. I’d love to hear about your bucket lists too so feel free to drop me a message and tell me about your plans!

    Kelly x