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Introducing Buffy and Yecla from Kingsland

Introducing the Buffy and Yecla jackets from Kingsland Equestrian

Every so often, something comes through the doors of TrendyHQ which makes us all *heart eyes*, and these two beauties from the design team at Kingsland were two products that did just that.

Kingsland Equestrian has always been synonymous with quality and style, so it's no wonder that some of the worlds best riders, including the golden girl Charlotte Dujardin, choose to wear their products. Their seasonal ranges are rarely brash and flamboyant, but rather subtle and classy with details that need to be touched and studied to be appreciated. Given that spring is creeping around the corner, then we thought we'd give you the low-down on two lightweight jackets which epitomise everything that Kingsland stand for.

The Yecla Jacket

Introducing the Yecla jacket in midnight navy from Kingsland Equestrian

The Yecla jacket is brand new for KL's Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and it brings a new colour to the stable that's not been seen before. Midnight navy is a bit like your regular navy, but it's just that little bit classier, and it's not until the sunlight hits it that you really start to appreciate the beauty.

The contrasting panels on the front are made from two different types of technical fabric, with one having a more reflective sheen to it than the other. The highlights of the piece are the gorgeous rubber Kingsland badges on the left arm and the neck.

Stylist advice: We love going 'full navy' but this allows you to add a subtle twist into the mix. Trust us, it looks AMAZING with navy breeches.

The Buffy Jacket

Introducing the Buffy jacket in beige fungi from Kingsland Equestrian

The buffy jacket was our favourite piece from last season, and because it proved to be so popular amongst our fashionista customers, we thought it was only fitting that we bought it back to centre stage, where it belongs. 

It's similar in weight to the Yecla jacket, making it a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe, but what really stands out with Buffy is the colour. It's sold as 'beige fungi' but in reality, it's more of a majestic golden coffee colour that screams elegance.

The contrast of the front and the back make it picture-perfect from every angle, but look a little closer and the details such as the chrome badge, glitzy zipper and the logo on the neck mean it's fit for equestrian royalty.

Stylist advice: This jacket is just begging to be paired up with the uber-gorgeous black Tiffany breeches from HV Polo. Throw in some mocha gloves from Roeckl, and you're good to go!

Kelly Xx

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