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Hayley Watson Greaves' Christmas Wish List

Find out what's on Hayley Watson-Greaves' Christmas Wish List

Top Trendy rider Hayley has had a great year training and competing her horses around the continent, and is gearing up for a BIG 2020. But as well as competing, Hayley is also a very popular trainer and regularly holds clinics around the country. Riding and teaching in all the conditions the UK has to throw at her means she's pretty demanding on her apparel, so we caught up with her during a break in her busy schedule to find out what was on her Christmas list this year…

Indoor school

"The ability to ride in all weathers is a necessity in this country as not all the competition venues are indoors. However, I would love to be able to escape the wind and rain on occasions when training and have the luxury of an indoor school."

HV Polo Becky Long jacket in Navy

"When I’m not riding I’m teaching, and it can get very cold standing in an arena all day! A long coat is a must-have and this HV Polo Becky one looks very warm and comfortable."

Available here.

A new lorry

"I spend a lot of time on the road and I’d be very grateful if a new, fancy one arrived on my yard on Christmas Day!" - We are 100% with you on this one HWG!

Roeckl winter gloves

"I love Roeckl; their gloves are the best on the market. The winter ones are fantastic for riding on those cold days and they allow for good contact down the rein and keep my fingers warm! Trust me, a whole day of cold fingers is NOT fun!"

Available here.

A treadmill

"This would be a great addition to the yard to help with my horses’ condition and fitness! Horse (and rider) fitness really is important if you want to take your riding to that next level"

Kingsland Arrowtown fleece jacket

"Kingsland is my brand of choice. They are fantastic quality and these fleece jackets are warm but thin so I don’t feel restricted when I’m riding. A good fleece should be on every keen riders' Christmas list"

Available here.

A new lorry and an indoor school would also be on my wish list! We wish Hayley and her team a very Merry Christmas and hope she gets some of the things on her list! 

Kelly xXx

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