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Living An Equestrian Life In Lockdown

Lockdown Life - Equestrian Life During Coronavirus

I keep coming across a quote “we are not all in the same ship but we are in the same storm”

I think this is such a good way of describing the world right now. For some of us, the Corona Virus has sent our world into a spin. People are working long shifts, isolated from loved ones, grieving for those who have been taken from them and fear for their own health while they battle on the front line.

For others, it’s been a time of rest, peace, and quality time with loved ones.

We all share a fear of the future and uncertainty of how this is going to unfold and what the “new normal” will look like.

I’ve been very fortunate so far, my loved ones are safe and well, I’ve been able to enjoy the nice weather in the garden and keep the children busy outside.

Not a day has passed where I’ve not been grateful for my horse and the lifestyle that having him entails. Every fellow horse owner I’ve spoken to has said the same. We all feel so thankful for the horses. The escape, focus, fresh air and exercise that is just such a set routine in our lives anyway.

PD has been a lifeline for me during lockdown

I know there are a number of people who have been unable to see their horses during this time and I can only imagine how difficult this must be. For me, my time at the stables is my sanctuary each day. I get to forget all about the virus, death tolls, lockdown, and just have a little slice of normality. It’s definitely helped me maintain my wellbeing.

I’m yet to use the opportunity to clean and organise my house, but I can tell you that my saddle pads and boots are clean and organised. My rugs are sorted and ready for the rug wash, and my tack is actually being cleaned regularly. Pd has had many baths, his tail is soft and shiny from all the conditioning treatments and oils. He’s looking a million dollars from a consistent exercise regime, good grooming and some turn out in the sun. I’m hoping to continue some of these good practices as life goes back to it’s more hectic style. I’m hoping I’ll eat less when I’m busier, but I have been exercising more so I will try and carry that on!

It’s almost becoming a distant memory when I think of life before the virus, all the little things we took for granted. I never thought of myself as a hugely social person but I’m missing my family and friends a great deal. I really didn’t understand how much freedom I had until now. When I read things about how pollution has reduced, how wildlife are being seen in places they’d never usually dare to venture, and how the earth is some time to heal, it reminds me that life is always balanced. In every bad time, you will find some good in there too.

May is mental health awareness month and the topic this year is kindness. I feel this is so relevant for everyone right now, and my next blog will be about that 💗

Stay safe and keep positive. Love Kelly XxX

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