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Clocks changing and the winter routine

Top tips for the clocks going back

So “British Summertime” ends this weekend, although for many of us it feels as though summer is a distant memory. The age-old tradition of the clocks going forward and backward is to allow people to get up earlier and get more done while it’s light.

There have been many discussions about whether or not this is still needed, but it’s currently still in place, and many people will be enjoying the extra hour in bed this Sunday... except for parents and horse owners. I am unfortunately one of those people who does not really benefit from the extra hour. The shift in time tends to affect my children more, and I always make sure my horse has more hay just to cover that extra time. 

They know more than they let on

As in my previous blog about clipping, many owners may even be on their second clip by now (I’m trying to hold mine out until November). Daylight is the main factor for a horse's coat shedding and that lovely, fluffy coat coming through. Come the beginning of September the nights start drawing in and the horse's body clocks know the seasons are changing and they adapt accordingly. I always joke that my horse might know more than the weatherman, as his coat comes through thick and fast and I wonder if we are in for a Baltic winter! 

For country and equestrian folk, the clocks changing usually signifies a change in routine. The horses need to come in earlier, the farmers can get out earlier and it’s almost like a time stamp that the winter routine has now begun. Most of us look forward to the end of March when they go forward and we just get some more time to ourselves before the rush to the yard to bring in. As a horse owner, the days do feel really short in winter, especially if you have to bring your horses in before dark. By the time you have left the yard in the morning, you only have a few hours before you need to start getting ready to go back.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A lot of people tend to team up on DIY yards and help one another. It can be a great way of teaming together and supporting one another. People start thinking about their hay and bedding orders, making sure they have enough just in case we get snowed in! (I always like to make sure I’ve got plenty just in case!) 

As we are getting ready to settle into the winter routine, I will be bringing you some top tips for coping with winter. My wonderful ambassadors Hayley Watson Greaves and Lara Edwards will be sharing their tips, so keep a lookout for that! 

Happy clocks changing!

Kelly x