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Classically Kingsland

Kingsland Equestrian classic collection

At TrendyEquine, we love the plethora of new and exciting colourways that have been coming on to the scene over the last few seasons. Having a choice of beautiful tones and hues enables each and every rider to dress whichever way makes them feel comfortable or stand out, and if you can extend those styles to your horse too, it’s easy to reach the matchy-matchy nirvana. After all, being able to express yourself like this is the main reason for our existence; and we firmly believe that in seasons to come, it’s only going to get more and more exciting.

However, there are some riders who shy away from the bold colours or pastel palettes and opt for a more traditional, classic and understated look. Kingsland has been the go-to brand for this for as long as I can remember, and their classic collection is arguably still the best that money can buy. You won’t find any ‘hot pink’ or ‘forest green’ here; instead, you’ll be offered up navy, red and white for products that are built to last and perform. It’s no surprise that some of the worlds best riders (3 Olympic Gold’s anyone?) choose to wear their classic range.

The Kingsland Classic Padded Jacket

The other bonus of going with a classic look is that the styles and colours never get dated, and you’ll be on-trend for seasons to come, which is handy since all Kingsland products will last many seasons, even for the most demanding of riders.

The padded jacket and bodywarmer are the perfect weight to be worn year-round, so when the sun isn’t quite shining or you’re off on an evening hack, you’ll be dressed to impress. The fabric is breathable too, so you won’t feel claustrophobic and the softshell panels give you freedom of movement, is essential for the rider aiming to be the best. The bodywarmer can also be combined with a colourful top or base layer too if you still feel a plash of colour is required.

The breeches are the real showstopper in the classic range. The pull-on breeches (named Katja) have been designed with convenience and comfort in mind. There are no buttons or fly to worry about, instead just pull them on, and off you go. The flexible waistband also means that you’re going to get the best fit possible too. The KL dot pattern on all of the breeches offer ultimate grip to keep you in place, and the water and dirt resistant fabric ensures that you’ll be wearing them for years to come. If you still like the classic button and fly style of breech, then they’ve got you covered too with their Kadi E-Tec which really is the epitome of class. But it’s not just the superior quality of these breeches which set them apart from the cheaper brands, is the level of detail that went into them. Believe me when I say that once you go Kingsland, you’ll never go back.

Kingsland Classic competition-wear and show shirts

And finally, when all of your blood, sweat and tears have gone into training and you’re ready for that big competition day, their range of long and short sleeve show shirts will have you glowing with confidence. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re riding at Novice or Grand Prix, you’ll look fantastic and be brimming with confidence.

Kelly Xx

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