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A handy guide for your hands

A handy guide for your hands - Roeckl riding gloves

Buying the right pair of gloves can be overwhelming, so we’ve given you a helpful low-down on the gorgeous range of Roeckl gloves. High five to that!

Roeckl has long been the leader in equestrian riding gloves, and have graced the palm of almost every top athlete in the sport. Whether you are a happy hacker or international dressage superstar, there’s a glove that’s right for you.

Roeckl Roeck Grip

Formally known as The Chester, the Roeck Grip is the reigning king of the riding glove world. Part of its success is down to the exclusive Roeck Grip material that is not only breathable but also supple and elastic. That means the rider has a superior feel, allowing maximum control when holding the reins, and it’s perfect for all disciplines of riding. But don’t think that its suppleness means it isn’t durable; these gloves are built to last! Oh, and they also come in some stunning colours too so they are perfect for matching with any outfit.

Stylist advice – Go for the Mocha for a gorgeous caffeine fix.

Roeckl Roeck Grip Winter

All the things you love about the original, but in a thicker weight for those frosty winter mornings. Like it’s summery sister, this winter weight glove features their patented Roeck Grip technology, for the ultimate feel in the reins. If you’re a rider who doesn’t let the elements get in the way of competing, and you demand year-round control, then get some of these in your arsenal. Again, there is a great range of colours to choose from, and the soft winter lining is like a jacket for your hands.

Stylist advice – The Anthracite is a great winter colour, and goes great with some graphite breeches.

Roeckl Lisboa

The Lisboa is the peak of elegance, with real Swarovski crystals embellished on the backhand forming the Roeckl hand logo. It features all the things we love about the original Roeck Grip, but with an added sparkle for those riders who really want to stand out. There’s no tackiness here, just glittering class in a glove that fits like a second skin!

Stylist advice – Pair these up with some Cavallo Calea breeches for hand-to-toe sparkly goodness.

Roeckl Julia Winter

We are big fans of this glove, and it really has the ‘wow’ effect. The warming fleece lining makes it perfect for all your winter activities, from frosty hacks to the glamour of mucking out on a cold morning. The backhand is embossed with a diamond pattern, and the Roeckl hand logo has a subtle shimmer to it too. It’s windproof too, which given the current British weather, is a very welcome feature.

Stylist advice – Double up on the ocean blue with the gorgeous Melody fleece from Kingsland.

Roeckl Trudy Winter

We think Trudy is going to be your new best friend. Her fresh pink colour, cool design and durable construction make her the perfect winter companion. The backhand is made from supple Italian Lycra, so it’s super comfy and durable and keeps hands warm on cold days. The material is resistant to dirt and mud, but can be machine-washed should you have an embarrassing muddy fall!

Stylist advice – Goes great with the sporty navy Amanda Jacket from HV Polo. Navy and pink are a killer combo

Roeckl Lara

Probably the most gorgeous summer gloves we have ever seen, the Lara does not disappoint and is the star of the Roeckl summer collection. Its harmonious design and high-quality materials delight style-conscious female equestrians and the Swarovski crystal fabric on the backhand make it the ultimate fashion accessory. And guess what, it’s touchscreen compatible too, so it’s perfect for the selfie-loving fashionista.

Stylist advise – Kit your horse out in the Onyx saddlepad and bandages from PS of Sweden and the Lara will sparkle in harmony with it

So there you have it, you’ve met the family. Now it’s time to saddle up and enjoy the ride, regardless of the weather, and let Roeckl help you perform to your fullest. Hands up who wants them all!

Kelly Xx

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